LOBITracka Project

LOBITracka Project – implemented by DevTrain Nigeria with support from Friends of DevTrain (FoD)
The LOBITracka is a 4-year project promoting accountability and transparency in Governance through grassroot citizen engagement in tracking the manifesto (SACHIIP) developed by the Governor in Benue State with a focus on five (5) thematic areas Agriculture and Rural Development, Health, Education, Infrastructure and Job Creation/Employment.
LOBITracka Project evaluates the performance of the Governor Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormen Alia through a data-driven decision-making process using the Manifesto (SACHIIP) as a baseline to provide an objective and evidence-based assessment of the Governor’s performance, which would inform policy, decision-making and accountable leadership in the state.

Project Overview

The project collects data, analyze and disseminate information through infographics, Vox pop (Street Interviews), Expert interviews (YouTube and Radio/TV), and monthly recordings of public opinions to shape discussions on social media. Also, we leverage social media to reach Benue citizens and Nigerians, inspire actions and enable the public demand track and give feedback on public project(s) .The project makes calls to action to the government to promote accountability of public officials.