Community-Led Climate Action Project (CLCAP I&II) – supported by ACT Foundation

CLCAP I&II was a 22-month integrated environmental management, rural/urban development, and climate change education programme. CLCAP I&II has promoted awareness on mitigation and adaptation strategies to community members and school children and facilitate sustainable climate action at the grassroots’ level. 

CLCAP I&II facilitated and advocated for complementing strategies to deal with climate change issues at the community level by supporting and creating awareness on the eminent dangers of climate change to crop production, non-availability of freshwater, loss of lives of animal species, irregular rainfall patterns, tree felling and bush burning.


Project Overview

The goal of the project was to improve access to knowledge on climate change and environmental protection activities in eleven (11) council wards in Makurdi LGA to reach 3,000 beneficiaries (boys, girls, women, men, and People Living with Disability (PLWD)) by 2021. Working closely with traditional leaders and constituted ‘Green Task Force’ that planted trees 55 communities in Makurdi Local Government Area.