LOBITracka Dialogue Series – Gov. Fr. Hyacinth Iormen Alia – 365 Days in Office: The Gains, Challenges, and Way Forward for Benue State

DevTrain Nigeria – LOBITracka Project is pleased to announce a pivotal event the LOBITracka Dialogue Series, with theme: Gov. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia – 365 days in Office: the Gains, Challenges, and Way forward for Benue State.
This Dialogue Series will focus on the achievements, challenges, and future directions of the Alia-Led Administration for Benue State.

Event Highlights:
Date: May 30, 2024,
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: Benue Centre for Enterprise Development and Innovation (BENCEDI), Opp. Staff Development Centre, Makurdi, Benue State.

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Speakers and Panelists:
Guest Speaker:
Mr. Lazarus Mom, Chairman BENGONET
1. Dr. Onah Akpegi, Lecturer, Geography Department, Benue State University, Makurdi.
2. Ochanya Okoh, Technical Adviser on Agriculture to the Governor of Benue State
3. George Iyua Tseen, Legal Assistant, Foundation for Justice Development and Peace
4. Rev. Ayu Luther, Lecturer, Religion and Philosophy Department, Benue State University, Makurdi
Ms. Mary Andiir, Executive Director, Aidwell Foundation

Why Attend:
The purpose of this dialogue is to convene concerned citizens, organizations, partners, media agencies, and other relevant stakeholders to analyze the Alia-Led Administration’s performance over the past year. This initiative is aimed at fostering accountability and transparency in governance, aligning with the promises outlined in the policy document (SACHIIP) to create a feedback mechanism with the people of Benue State.
The LOBITracka Public Dialogue serves as an effective platform for citizen participation and engagement in governance, enabling an assessment of whether the Alia-Led Administration is fulfilling its promises as outlined in the SACHIIP. Following the conference, a comprehensive report/communiqué will be published, highlighting the key discussions and outcomes.

Join Us:
We invite you to participate and contribute to this crucial dialogue. Kindly Register – https://bit.ly/LOBITrackaDialogueSeries and save a spot.

Contact Us:
For questions or involvement, visit our website or contact the LOBITracka Team Benue.DevTrainNg@gmail.com.
Special appreciation goes to our Partners the Friends of DevTrain (FoD), Aidwell Foundation, BENGONET Rural Development Initiative and VetKonect.

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